First-rate Blacktopping Services for Commercial Properties

Make Your Property Look Great Again

Rough-looking blacktop and potholes are eyesores to your commercial property, and can cause tire and vehicle damage. Let JBT Blacktopping, have your parking lot looking great again with our superior blacktopping services.

We provide top-notch asphalt services for schools, strip malls, apartment complexes, churches, office complex and business parking lots. We also provide top-notch milling and reclaiming of commercial pavements. Call us and get $250 any job over $2,000!
Commercial blacktopping services

A Variety of Options Available

Schedule a site visit and and let our experts inspect your property. We'll give you solutions for repairing your blacktop at a cost that fits your budget. 

Our wide range of options include:

  • Surface milling to correct drainage issues
  • Overlay: repair and fill in and put a 2-inch layer of asphalt over existing asphalt
  • Most economical option!
Complete removal and installation
  • Brand new,  stronger surface for heavier weight (heavy truck traffic)
  • 2 layers (commercial lots): 2 layers: at least 6 inches of base plus 4 inches of blacktop
Asphalt repair
  • Repair bad areas of lot and potholes
  • Repair, mill, cleanup area to be patched in  
  • Patch the potholes in a uniform manner 
Pervious mix
  • New asphalt mix that lets water come through
  • Optimum for drainage: rain won’t sit in the parking lot, water runs off 
  • Pervious mixes available for your lot (if required)
Concrete Gutter and Curb
  • Edging around parking lots, perimeter and islands 
  • Curb installs for new parking lot installation, which changes the height of the lot and affects drainage  
  • You expert, all-in-one source for gutters and curbs
We also provide blacktop laying for walking, exercise, and go-cart paths for schools, trails, retirement community, parks, municipal townships, apartments, and fire lanes - plus line striping. If it involves blacktop, insist on the experts to do the job right!
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